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World Invocation Day Vigil                                   

Sunday, June 7 2009

You are invited to participate in three Vigils for World Invocation Day, sounding the Great Invocation every 15 minutes for the 24 hours of Sunday June 7.

  Vigil in the Americas - in co-operation with groups throughout the continent

  Vigil in Europe - in co-operation with co-workers

  Vigil in the South Pacific - in co-operation with Sydney Goodwill & the Triangle Centre.


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Sounding the Great Invocation every 15 minutes

The 24 hours of June 7 are divided into 15 minute periods. Participants ( individuals or groups) commit themselves to spend specific 15 minute periods in prayer or meditation for a world culture of co-operation, justice and peace. Each 15 minute period is to begin and end with a sounding of the Great Invocation. There is no limit to the number of 15 minute periods you can register for.


How to participate:

1. You can choose the times you will take part in the Vigil and register your participation here or you can simply take part on the day without registering. When you register your name appears in a Participants List covering each time slot so that you can link with others holding the focus at the same time.

2. Sign Up - register any periods of time in your own time zone.

3. View Participants - click the button to see who has registered to sound the Great Invocation for each 15 minutes in the Vigil of your choice (Americas or Europe or the South Pacific) - all times will be converted into your own time zone .

4. Begin precisely on the quarter hour by using the Great Invocation.

5. Link in thought with the others who are linking at the same precise time as you and then with everyone in the world who will be using the Great Invocation on this special day.

6. Reflect on humanity's need for light, love and spiritual purpose.

7. Visualise the lighted, loving energies that can create the mental and emotional understanding and atmosphere within which right relations can flourish in ourselves, our communities, our nations, and our world

7. Use the Great Invocation precisely on the quarter hour. As you do this think of the rhythmic pulse of invocation flooding the mental environment of the planet.

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