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This selection of quotations explores intuitive perception from many different points of view.

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Buddhism has helped me to develop a more intimate relationship with the nature of my own mind. I have learnt through meditation practice that thoughts come and go of their own accord, endlessly. That’s just the nature of mind. Between and underlying those thoughts, however, is a great stillness. Access to this stillness has been a great ally to me in making films.

When I’m practicing cinematography from this open, alert stillness, the most remarkable things arise. I’ll suddenly have an impulse to turn around and look in another direction, and there’s the very thing I was looking for: there’s the moment just before the sun peeks through the branches and illuminates the side of the elk, or there’s the expression on the face of the Tuareg as, seated on his camel, he turns. I’m able to engage these wonderful gifts that arise, because in that moment I’m living from a place that is infinitely more expansive and inclusive than the thought-box of my head.

Kevin Peer. ‘Sacred Cinema: Molly Hollenbach interviews Kevin Peer’ in Resurgence, November/December 2004, No. 227, p. 53

Let us, then, labor for an inward stillness,
An inward stillness and an inward healing;
That perfect silence where the lips and heart
Are still, and we no longer entertain
Our own imperfect thoughts and vain opinions,
But God alone speaks in us, and we wait
In singleness of heart, that we may know
His will, and in the silence of our spirits,
That we may do His will, and do that only!

Henry Wordsworth Longfellow, Christus: A Mystery, part III. The New England Tragedies, Act 1, Scene 3




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Longfellow, Henry Wordsworth
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Salk, Jonas
Sardello, Robert
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Steiner, Rudolf
Sumedho, Ajhan
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Tarnas, Richard
Thakar, Vimala
Tolle, Eckhart
Trungpa, Chogyam
Tudge, Colin
van der Post, Laurens
Vaughan, Frances
Vinoba Bhave
Whitmore, Diana
Whyte, David
Wickes, Frances
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