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Please Hold in the Light
March 2024

During International Days and major international conferences there is a special opportunity to serve in the creation of right human relations. They help us to focus our purposeful thought and action in ways that highlight diversity, unity, and synthesis in an interdependent world.
As meditators we can symbolically stand together with all actively working to recognise and honor the value of the individual and the fact of the one humanity and the one life. As members of the community of all who seek to love and serve we can invoke the aid of the Forces of Light in support of these events.

Sustainable Development Goals & Climate Change 
These International Days and events reflect important themes in the mobilization of energies to:
  • End poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030 through practical actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
  • engaging people of goodwill all over the world in a common movement.
2024 United Nations International Years
Silence at the United Nations

The Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations gathers in the vicinity of UN Headquarters in New York (September - June) on the third Thursday every month for 30 minutes of silence followed by 30 minutes of dialogue, sharing insights and exploring ways to use an inner focus in service of the work of the UN.
Please link in from wherever you are. More information at:

In March an online virtual gathering, including 30 minutes of silence, will be held on Thursday, March 14, from 2.00- 3.15 pm EDT with a particular focus on supporting the UN. Write for details to

March Please Hold These Events in the Light

March 1
Zero Discrimination Day

2024 theme: By protecting everyone’s health, we can protect everyone’s rights.
Zero Discrimnination Day promotes equality before the law for all people throughout the world. It is especially promoted by UNAIDS and organisations opposing discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.

March 1
World Futures Day

This will be the eleventh year that futurists have gathered on March 1 for a 24-hour open conversation on how to build a better future. Starting at 12 noon in New Zealand, the conversation continues on ZOOM around the world, starting at 12 noon local time. Each year, total strangers discuss ideas about possible worlds of tomorrow in a relaxed, open, no-agenda conversation. Futures research is shared, collaborations are created, and new friendships are made.
The event is sponsored by a number of futures organisations, including the Association of Professional Futurists, World Future Studies Federation, Humanity+, and The Millennium Project.
World Futures Day

March 1
World Day of Prayer

2024 theme: I Beg You... Bear With One Another in Love.
World Day of Prayer is a global Christian ecumenical movement of 'Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action', held on the first Friday of March. This is a movement initiated and carried out by women in over 170 countries. Throughout the entire day, we collectively pray all over the world, beginning with the first sunrise and ending at the last sunset. Our prayers follow the sun's path around the globe.
Every year a fresh service is prepared by women from a different country. In 2024 the Service has been prepared by women of Palestine.

March 3
World Wildlife Day

2024 Theme: Connecting People and Planet: Exploring Digital Innovation in Wildlife Conservation
This Day is an opportunity to celebrate the many and varied forms of wildlife; to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people; and to remember the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime.

March 5 - 6
Least Developed Countries Future Forum, Helsinki, Finland

2024 theme: Innovation for structural transformation in Least Developed Countries
The world is far off track in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Least Developed Countries are in danger of being left even further behind. With eight years left to 2030, we must urgently develop new ways to accelerate the needed transformations. Making better use of science, technology and innovations is key in this task.
This is the second LDC Future Forum to be held jointly by the UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States and the government of Finland. Its purpose is to support least developed countries in their efforts to reach the SDGs by bringing different groups and individuals together from around the world. This Forum will explore how to harness innovation, digitalization and technology to foster structural transformation and sustainable development in LDCs.

March 8
International Women's Day

2024 UN Theme: Invest in women: Accelerate progress
The Feminine is on the rise in human consciousness and this key festival is widely celebrated around the world. In our time the rights of women, and the rights of children nourished by women, are key issues in every modern society.
The UN document declaring the Sustainable Development Goals notes that: The achievement of full human potential and of sustainable development is not possible if one half of humanity continues to be denied its full human rights and opportunities. In addition to Goal 5 on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, 11 of the 16 other goals include gender-sensitive targets.

March 11 - 22
UN Commission on the Status of Women, UN Headquarters, New York, USA

2024 Priority Theme: Accelerating the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls by addressing poverty and strengthening institutions and financing with a gender perspective
Every year, representatives of Member States gather at United Nations Headquarters in New York to evaluate progress on gender equality, identify challenges, set global standards and formulate concrete policies to promote gender equality and advancement of women worldwide. Representatives of civil society groups also gather at the UN for the annual NGO CSW Forum. During these annual gatherings there is a concentration of thinking and energy on issues of gender equality.
Together with the policy making deliberations the Commission acts as a focal point for a vast number of gatherings at UN HQ, organised by governments, international agencies and NGO's. It is always a joy to be at UN Headquarters during the CSW sessions when there are so many women present from every part of the world.

March 9
Commonwealth Day

2024 Theme:One Resilient Common Future: Transforming our Common Wealth.
The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 56 independent and equal countries that work together to pursue common goals which promote development, democracy and peace. With a combined population of 2.5 billion, the Commonwealth includes industrialised and developing economies in Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Pacific. Commonwealth Day is an occasion for people throughout this unique family of nations to host a wide variety of events celebrating the vast diversity, strong unity and uplifting values that define the Commonwealth. Although the association has its roots in the British Empire, any country can join today's Commonwealth

March 20
International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness is a United Nations Day honoring the work on national happiness by the Kingdom of Bhutan. In resolving to observe the Day the UN General Assembly highlighted the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals ... and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives. The world needs a new economic paradigm that recognizes the parity between the three pillars of sustainable development. Social, economic and environmental well-being are indivisible. Together they define gross global happiness. Ban Ki-moon

March 20
International Astrology Day

Established in 1993 by the Association for Astrological Networking, Astrology Day is celebrated on the Vernal Equinox,the first day (in the tropical Zodiac) of Aries.

March 21
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

On March 21 1960, police opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville, South Africa, against the apartheid "pass laws". In 1966 it was agreed to observe this day as a reminder of the deep commitment needed to end racial discrimination in all its forms in all parts of the world. The challenge of our time is to foster the ethics of human unity.
UNESCO sponsors an International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities, linking over 500 cities commited to ending racism.

March 21
International Day of Forestry

2023 theme: Forests and Innovation.
This United Nations Day dedicated to forests affirms the degree to which human beings are struggling to develop a new and more responsible relationship with the natural world.
Forests cover one third of the Earth's land mass, performing vital functions around the world. Around 1.6 billion people - including more than 2,000 indigenous cultures - depend on forests for their livelihoods, medicines, fuel, food and shelter. Yet deforestation continues at an alarming rate ...

March 21
World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day, sponsored by UNESCO, aims to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities. Moreover, this Day is meant to support poetry, return to the oral tradition of poetry recitals, promote teaching poetry, restore a dialogue between poetry and the other arts such as theater, dance, music, painting and so on, support small publishers and create an attractive image of poetry in the media so that the art of poetry will no longer be considered an outdated form of art.

March 21
International Nowruz Day

Nowruz marks the first day of spring and is celebrated on the day of the astronomical vernal equinox, which usually occurs on 21 March. It is celebrated as the beginning of the new year by more than 300 million people all around the world and has been celebrated for over 3,000 years in the Balkans, the Black Sea Basin, the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Middle East and other regions.

March 21
World Down Syndrom Day

2024 theme: End the Stereotypes
Down syndrome occurs when an individual has an extra partial (or whole) copy of chromosome 21. It is not yet know why this syndrome occurs, but Down syndrome has always been a part of the human condition. It exists in all regions across the globe and commonly results in variable effects on learning styles, physical characteristics and health. The Day has been observed by the United Nations since 2012, as a tool to raise awareness of Down Syndrome.
On March 21 - 22 Down Syndrome International will host the 13th World Down Syndrome Day Conference at UN Headquarters in New York.

March 22
World Water Day

2024 theme: Water for Peace
When we cooperate on water, we create a positive ripple effect – fostering harmony, generating prosperity and building resilience to shared challenges.
Explore the work of visionary water advocate Maude Barlow and the Blue Planet Project, a global movement struggling to achieve the Right for Water as a fundamental human right.

March 23
World Meteorological Day

2024 Theme: At the Frontline of Climate Action.
Climate affects the thinking, and the moods of people - and, many spiritual traditions suggest, the thinking of people en masse affects the climate. For the first time on a global level, it is now recognized that there is a need to alter the way we think and behave in order to offset the serious affects of climate change.

March 23
Earth Hour

Switch off and give an hour for Earth on Saturday, March 23rd at 8:30 pm your local time. Together, let's create the Biggest Hour for Earth!
The Earth Hour Movement began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, under the sponsorship of WWF, when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for an hour as a symbol of their stand for the Earth and their willingness to act against climate change.
Today it has become what WWF describe as the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment. Every year, on the last Saturday of March, hundreds of millions of people from over 170 countries take part in the lights off campaign, turning their lights off for one hour at 8:30 pm local time.

March 23 - 27
International Parliamentary Union, 148th Assembly, Geneva, Switzerland

General Debate Theme 2024: Parliamentary diplomacy: Building bridges for peace and understanding
The International Parliamentary Union (IPU), which was founded in 1889, is the global organization of national parliaments, with 180 members and 15 Associate members. The IPU facilitates parliamentary diplomacy and empowers parliaments and parliamentarians to promote peace, democracy and sustainable development around the world.
This years annual Assembly will include a 'Forum on Women Parliamentarians' and a 'Forum of Young MPs'.

March 24
World Tuberculosis Day

2024 Theme: Yes! We can end TB!
TB is the world's deadliest infectious killer. Each year, we commemorate World Tuberculosis (TB) Day on March 24 to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of TB, and to step up efforts to end the global TB epidemic.

March 24
International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims

This UN Day marks the anniversary of the death of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, of El Salvador, who was assasinated on 24 March 1980, after denouncing violations of the human rights of the most vulnerable populations and defending the principles of protecting lives, promoting human dignity and opposition to all forms of violence. The Day affirms an important principle in international law: all peoples have a right to know the truth about gross human rights violations and the right to know what happened to loved ones. States have an obligation to investigate cases of enforced disappearance and let any interested person know the concrete steps taken to clarify the fate and whereabouts of the disappeared persons.

March 25
International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

2024 Theme: Creating Global Freedom: Countering Racism with Justice in Societies and Among Nations
Recognizing how little is known about the 400-year-long transatlantic slave trade and its lasting consequences, March 25 has been designated as an annual day of remembrance of the trade and its victims. The intention is to raise awareness among future generations of the causes, consequences and lessons of the transatlantic slave trade and to communicate the dangers of racism and prejudice.

March 25
International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members

Serving the cause of peace in a violent world is a dangerous occupation. Since the founding of the United Nations, more than 3,500 brave men and women have lost their lives in its service. Natural disasters also claim the lives of those serving the UN.
This is a day to mobilize action, demand justice and strengthen our resolve to protect UN staff and peacekeepers, as well as those in the non-governmental community and the press.

March 25
Full Moon — Easter, Aries

Since ancient times human beings have honored the full moon as a time when the sacred is most accesible. It is a time of light - the moon reflects the light of the sun onto the face of the earth. In astrology this is a time when the qualities and potentials of the zodiacal sign of the sun are especially available to humanity for use in service.
During the full moon religious and esoteric groups around the world vizualize light and love and spiritual power flowing into humanity and strengthening all that is being done to help prepare the way for a world of unity, justice and peace; a world which is increasingly concentrated on the work of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.